Gel pens are very popular among the students as well as professionals due to the many features that they offer. These are fun to use, and are stylish as well as comes in a wide variety of colors. These pens can easily be taken along, and they do not leak ink to smear the pockets.The ink is a combination of water- and ink-based material which gives it a smooth light writing feel and resists smudging after drying. It must be given enough time to set into the paper fibers to resist moisture.

The ideal weight

tittoGel pen is light in weight and is one of the major reasons for their popularity. However you should check the weight so that it doesn’t feel too light or bulky in your hands. Although a few manufacturers are bringing out stylish gel pens in slightly weightier forms and with colorful inks, but keep in mind the ideal weight so that it offers ease of use to you according to your comfort level.

Look for high ink capacity

You should look out for the ink contained in the pen.Students often face empty pens in the middle of writing a test paper, and it can be avoided with pens with higher capacity. It is a good idea to have gel pens with high capacity ink, which last for a long time and write smoothly.

Consider the comfort

Comfortable grip is very vital. If these pens have to be used for longer hours, pens with soft rubber grip offers more tireless writing solution.Gel pens come with smaller as well as longer barrels, so that consumers with small and even bigger hands can find it easier to write with them.

Range of Colors

Gel pens come in a range of colors.Gel pens are available in bold, glitter, silver, neon, gold and various other shades. Artist who are either at work or home or at school prefer to have colorful gel pens that can enhance their art work, greeting cards, scrap booking and much more. While professional prefer blue or black color.

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